3rd Chapter of Life

God has called Spirit in the Desert to develop a national center for people in their "3rd Chapter of Life".  We will help those folks renew their calling from God ... empowering them to live a life of meaning and purpose.

The next few months will be spent on research and discovery.  We will learn from people and organizations what's happening in this genre and identify partners for this ministry.  Partners may include congregations, wellness benefit organizations, health care organizations, colleges, seminaries, individuals and more.  Do you have more ideas?

What is the "3rd Chapter of Life"?  First of all, it is not about age.  Some people say that the 1st chapter is about the early years of life when people are discovering who they are and beginning to wonder about the future.  The 2nd Chapter is often identified as that time when people begin to strive for success by building careers and maybe starting a family.

Generally speaking, the "3rd Chapter of Life" is when career building (and the narrow definition of success) is over or at least, concluding.  It is during that period when we can broaden our vision and renew our calling from God so that the value of our lives is not necessarily tied to careers and family. This often happens when people "retire" from a job or raising kids.  But there are also people in their earlier years who are in their 3rd Chapters.

The Center for the 3rd Chapter of Life at Spirit in the Desert Retreat will help keep peoples' spirits, bodies and minds active.  The center will help folks discover the true meaning and power of the 3rd Chapter of Life. Our focus is on Spiritual well-being which involves heath in several areas including: 
Socially-Interpersonal; Emotional; Physical, Financial; Vocational; and Intellectual.

People will have the opportunity to discover
what the world and God needs them to be about at this moment in their lives.

What is their purpose ... how do they find meaning?

Many secular organizations are involved in work with retired people so in some ways there is a similarity.  But we are placing the emphasis on God's calling and are not restricted to a chronological age. What is God calling us to do when we have the freedom to think and act in a new way?

We hope that you will join us on our journey of learning more about this meaningful time in people's lives and creatiing our center.

Check out our fledging 3rd Chapter of Life website.